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In the new series, there has only been ONE woman to write for Doctor Who—Helen Raynor, and that was in S3 and S4. 

Four episodes have been written by one woman in the reboot. That’s insane.

Moffat, how about you show us you’re not a sexist and hire some of the great women writers out there?

Also, which women do you want to write for Doctor Who?

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  1. bsbrock answered: Jane Espenson or Mart Noxon *has a soft spot for Buffy alums*
  2. thegodofbacon answered: You.
  3. ravenclawgirl29 answered: JK Rowling was offered a spot as writer, but she declined :(
  4. queerravenclaw answered: I’m not really familiar with any female sci-fi writers other than those who’ve already been mentioned. Jane Espenson would be amazing though.
  5. oodlyenough answered: I don’t know any sci-fi female writers by name other than Espenson but GOD YES PLEASE.
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    I think this is a good point, which I have considered before. I think the women who have written episodes of Being Human...
  7. nerdygeekchick answered: Jane Espenson and Helen Raynor wrote some brilliant Torchwood episodes. I’d like to see what they can do for Doctor Who.
  8. gallifreyburning answered: Marti Noxon or Jane Espenson. Although neither of them is British, so I don’t know how that would sit with the DW fandom.
  9. eatyourfudgetrev answered: R
  10. emptyjerrycan answered: And Helen Raynor’s episodes have all been incredibly mediocre. That’s not to say that another female writer wouldn’t be extremely welcome.
  11. punkandmeathead answered: Jane Fucjing Espenson. The best sci-fi writer ever. She was amazing on Buffy. She’s written for Torchwood, too.
  12. fauxkaren answered: Jane Espenson is the only female sci-fi type writer that I’m familiar with by name and I’ve loved a lot of her work.
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