love is so short -- forgetting is so long

Because while their bed on the TARDIS is lovely and bouncy and vast, we all know they’re a bit more creative than that.

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  1. runrosetyler answered: Wouldn’t you like to know…
  2. krisqee answered: A police box they thought was the TARDIS. Very tight space, but the moment was perfect.
  3. gallifreyburning answered: There is only one answer to this question:…
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    The library with the swimming pool? The original control room desktop?
  6. yasarivixen answered: Sorry, I cannot answer this question as my mind can only focus on the “Rose and TenToo get it on” part. -shot-
  7. goldcaught said: ALSO NAKED BILLIE PIPER GIF. JUST SAYING. tumblr doesn’t appreciate the fact that this is a thing we could be having more of.
  8. goldcaught answered: there is an ongoing competition between them to initiate something in a stranger place than the other did last
  9. agentnatashabarton answered: Rose’s childhood bedroom while baby!she and Jackie are at the playground. I’m weird.
  10. solamente-signs answered: on the console. and whilst they are consumed in their fiery passion, they set off the TARDIS and travel to a …. (fill in the blank) ;)
  11. robin-scherbatsky answered: Apollo 13 spacecraft